Jul. 19th, 2015

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So, there is a canonical Runescape AU that comes to light in the quest Dimension of Disaster, and while the scope of Dimension of Disaster is limited to the city of Varrock, there are some things that can be inferred about the rest of the world, especially given that the quest is a It's a Wonderful Life like story in that [player character] never went adventuring and some odd things about New Varrock.

Somehow, without [player character]'s interference, Amascut is neither phobic toward cat's or opposed to the undead. Are there more time travel shenanigans in store for [player character]? Is [player character] responsible for Amascut's phobia? Maybe, but it is hard to imagine how the Dimension of Disaster AU could happen while Amascut was around to pwn zombies or how she wound up being cat-friendly without time-travel shenanigans.

So the evidence for Amascut's changed stance is the Necrofelinomicon, a book found in New Varrock which plays part in the tasks/achievements A Cat's Bane and The Mummy Returns, in which a purple cat, a hellcat, a clockwork cat, and a generic stray cat perform a ritual to Amascut to bring their friend Fluffs back to life as a mummified cat (which is punny since she is the mother of all kittens that [player character] may acquire)

So, maybe, Amascut is not opposed to serving as the goddess of rebirth, either? Well, goddess of undeath, at least. Or undead cats. *shrug*

An exerpt from the Necrofelinomicon:
That is not dead which can eternal meow.

And with strange aeons even death may die nine times.

Amascut, not being cat-phobic, would have been coming into Milliways as cat-like things regularly. It sounds like that in the AU that she may be a bit of an eldritch thing (though, not an elder goddess and a pretty low-tier goddess who can still get away with directly interacting with mortals). I think I will have her come in as a nebulous cat shaped dark cloud with predatory red eyes Dark grey fluffy kitty with bright red eyes. Tis the Amuskitty. Ha.


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