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Faerie fire erupts on one of the many islands floating in the black and endless void surrounding the chaos rune altar. As quickly as it flares up it dies and out of the nothingness emerges Lucien, embraced tightly by Keli grinning from ear to ear.

"Ah, finally, some privacy for me and my Lucy," Keli teases.

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"Let go of me," demands Lucien as he stuggles free, "you bitch!"

He runs and jumps away to another of the floating islands. "Do you think that just because you learned some magic tricks that you have any hope of besting me? You don't even have a chance of surviving the hour!"

He extends a hand out toward Keli and fires off a spell which darkens the already dark emptiness.

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"How dare you! Arrgh!" Lucien manages to cast a defensive spell before Keli's spell impacts. It nulls the magic but does not prevent the heated air dragged along with it from hitting him.

"Insolent human, you face a mahjarrat, one of the rightful rulers of this world!" Lucien casts again, and Keli is encased in ice!

"You are insects to us and it is time I squash you." Lucien charges the block of ice ready to smash it to peices with bits of Keli inside.

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Lucien catches Keli's foot and gives it a brutal bone cracking twist before getting upright again.

"So, you have split your pitifully short existence between physical combat and magic training? Maybe I was too generous in my estimate."

He attacks again while Keli is off balance with a sweeping kick to her head.
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What? How is it possible that she healed so fast that her leg healed wrong already?

Lucien takes the oppurtunity to cast again the flying darkness. At least this Keli brat does not have a counter to it. No one does.

Date: 2014-07-01 12:25 am (UTC)
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Lucien counters the air spell but the force of the wind behind it still pushes him back.

How is this magic carrying with it such physical effects? Humans shouldn't have learned to cast such spells yet.

And they won't. The brat won't live to teach it to others.

Lucien prepares a counterspell for the earth spell and charges toward it to counter the momentum it most likely carries with it.

Date: 2014-07-01 05:36 am (UTC)
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Lucien is caught very off guard by the modification of Keli's second spell while it was still in flight.

That sort of thing just isn't done.

The combined effect explosive spell and the million fragments of the spell that it partially destroyed throw Lucien off the island.

The injury to his pride hurts more than anything the two spell could do to him and he roars in anger as he falls.

Luckily he lands on a floating island a level below. It is then that he recognizes the place to which he had been teleported. The Chaos Altar.

He laughs. "You fool, you have brought me to a very bad place if you wish to do me harm."

Date: 2014-07-01 06:36 am (UTC)
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"So you are Keli Raven. It all makes sense now. You and Straven were able to defeat the zombies I sent after you and then the ones I sent after the rest of Varrock using the Shield, and now you are using it in hopes of besting me," Lucien says. "You have no hope."

"It is a shame you decided suddenly decided to leave you life of crime to be a hero. You have a talent for magic and a murderous streak just waiting to show itself. I could have molded you to be great. Feared. Powerful."

Lucien runs toward the edge of his island.

Date: 2014-07-02 12:22 am (UTC)
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Lucien leaps down toward an island on the level below but the sharp, life stealing spells catch up to him while he is in the air.

It is a sting he wasn't expecting, but easily recognizes. "Slayer darts? How?" he asks after he lands. "How have you learned it at such a young age?" His spies told him that she has never left the kingdom of Misthalin. An she isn't a mahjarrat in disguise, her would have felt her presence... instead, there is nothing, even less than a human--

There is dread. "Amascut!" He resumes running.

Date: 2014-07-03 11:34 pm (UTC)
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Lucien glances back to answer but spots the death magic flying toward him.

Trying to kill Amascut with such a spell was a huge mistake. He casts an overhealing spell on himself before Amascut's spell reaches him.


Why didn't he know? How? He keeps running and leaps to an island on the next level down when he reaches the edge.

This is it, there is nothing but gravity below this. He lands and resumes running. The only option now is to make his way through the maze of floating islands to the chaos altar.
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"You? A god?" Lucien answers back. "You aren't a god! Guthix didn't even bother throwing you and your weakling brother out, unlike Zamorak."

Oh no, a bend in the path is coming up.

Date: 2014-07-04 03:56 am (UTC)
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Oh, camel dung. If he takes the bend, he will be running parallel to the flames and take more damage than if he stands still. But standing still means letting Amascut catch up to him. It is unlikely she will perform the wall of flame trick only once anyhow.

He takes the bend. He needs to put distance between himself and her, he needs to stop her or at least slow her down.

He casts what counterspells he can as the flames catch up to him.

What can he do to slow her down? Death spells just feed her and blood magic might actually cause him more damage than it would her by bringing her energies into himself. Would smoke even work?

Ice at least stops her for a few seconds. That is, if she doesn't block it.

After he clears the wall of flame, he says, "Toys? Even if we were, what does that make everything else on this planet? We are much more durable as toys than whatever it is you are thinking of when you say persons. Isn't that why you and your brother came to us begging for help originally? One of us even became a god far more powerful than you or your brother Icthlarin can ever hope to be, Amascut."

He casts an ice spell and continues running.
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"No, but thanks for the idea," he shouts back on the run.

Damnit, another corner.

Hold on, he can use this. Hopefully smoke magic will have an effect if he can manage to distract her again. He rounds the corner and keeps running, casting ice spells back at Amascut.

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"If I recall correctly, you had no choice or say in the matter, and you won't in this one either!" Lucien casts the most powerful smoke spell he can at Amascut, hopeful that he timed it to hit her as she rounds the corner.

He doesn't stay to watch.
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That is precisely why he did not stop to watch. With the time he has bought for himself, he makes his way through the rest of the maze and finally is able to lay his hands on the chaos altar.

He draws power from the large boulder like altar, first replenishing the chaotic energies he had spent so far, and then drawing more to exceed his current abilities.

Date: 2014-07-04 04:37 pm (UTC)
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Quicker than he has ever done before, he casts ice spells multiple times encasing Amascut in several layers of ice. When he is done, Amascut is in a literal iceburg.

The fire tornado careens into the iceburg and disappates because of the sudden change of air temperature around the icy prison.

"I know that. But observe what I have been able to do with it anyway. Imagine what I'll be able to do once I acquire the Staff of Armadyl and the Fist of Guthix."

He adds two more layers to be safe and casts a teleport spell to exit the make to someplace more friendly.


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