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Aug. 27th, 2014 03:25 pm
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It didn't take very long for agents of the Temple Knights to find the headquarters of the Black Arm gang after the miraculous defense of Varrock by Keli Raven, the bright white chaos elemental, and the two rogues who wielded swords with blades made of light from the combined efforts of two of the most dangerous mass murders the Temple Knights where keeping tabs on.

Sure, the Black Arm gang existed, but there was no evidence that they did anything other than antagonize the Phoenix gang and protect their own turf from zombie attacks. And it wasn't like zombies weren't just an excuse to run a protection racket either. Damn the City Guard. Yes, Katrine Raven was the leader of the Black Arms, but Katrine had no sister. Katrine never had a sister. Keli Raven never existed. Neither did the Black Arm half of the shield of Arrav, since it was never broken in half.

Neither did the white chaos elemental. The original chaos elemental still stalked the northern wilds by all reports, and never shined bright as a star. It was grey and brown and purple as it ever was.

Neither did the two rogues or their light-swords or the mini-handcannons one of them wielded. Katrine never held such a weapon either, contrary to what information gathered from the Phoenix gang.

The defenders of Varrock didn't exist except as a file about to be sent to the Temple Knight archives and a tale told by some eyewitnesses. It was frustrating, but nothing more could be found out about why Lucien and Sollus Dellagar abandoned their attack so suddenly.
omniscientSavant [OS] has begun trolling mnemonicPhagocyte [MF]
OS: We know it was you.
OS: We just can't figure out why.
OS: Do you seriously hate him that much?
OS: Come on; you aren't going to let someone else take credit for this.
OS: Hello?
OS: Are you even there?
OS: Am I just sending words to die in the abyss?

omniscientSavant has ceased trolling mnemonicPhagocyte

Up and down the Asgarnian sea coast, secret campaigns of assassinations and sabotage are waged often, practically right under the noses of the Temple Knights. But it is the sea coast. The Customs and Excise Office has been waging overt war against the pirates of the south and east seas for years. It becomes background noise.

It was not long ago that the red headed lass from some place up north started hanging about here at The Rusty Anchor. She was tight lipped about where she came from but she had money. Where she kept it was a mystery, but she never seemed to run out of it. Where she slept was an even greater mystery. She elected to take some lucky sailor with her to wherever she went at night occasionally, but none who got to spend a night with her learned much about her or could say where they went either, and for some reason were never curious or that interested in bedding with her again. Either that or they disappeared.

The Customs Office caused people to disappear all the time, but certain captains and boat owners could make people disappear too. Everyone figured the lass wasn't necessarily responsible for the disappearance of her more stubborn suitors.

She was attentive to gossip, even after she had been drinking up a storm. She was especially interested in ships headed to Menaphos and further east, but also any word about strangers beside herself who came around the docks or wandered the shore caught her attention. Occasionally she would slip out of the bar after watching someone or other leave and not come back for some hours. Rarely, she stayed away from the bar from more than a day.

Strangers leave and never come back all the time; that is normal. Sailors also disappeared while the lass was away, but the the Customs Office has a nasty habit of abducting people. There are always sailors jumping ship to swim toward a brighter looking future with a better captain. It happened all the time and it most likely happened to the lass, too. People didn't come to Port Sarim to settle and never venture out to sea.

People from the Customs Office had ambushed a young captain who had been visiting Port Sarim quite regularly, just outside the bar, the last day I saw the lass. The captain was from Menaphos, so I suppose she saw an opportunity. She slipped out the back door like I have seen her do since I first noticed her hanging about, and I think she surprised the Customs Officers by sneaking up behind them and doing... something. I just remember seeing something like lightning outside the window, and when I looked out the window there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the officers' eyes were.... something was wrong with them. They handed her what looked like a warrant, and it just burst into flames in her hands. She shrugged and said they had handed her a pile of ashes, and the apologized to her and the Menaphite and left. The Menaphite said something about her being a seawitch and invited her to be part of his crew, and she went with him.

Captains, especially the ones that sail east, are superstitious and think having a seawitch is good luck. I don't think the lass was a seawitch, though, just maybe one of the ordinary, land-loving type. I've never seen her near the water but then again that's just me.

I figured out that she must of had something to do with at least some of the people that went missing, because as soon as she left, trouble started showing up from Varrock. People claiming to be from the Phoenix gang or the Black Arm gang and boy, they couldn't stand the sight of each other. I couldn't help but think that the lass was keeping them quiet especially when the Phoenix thugs teased the Black Arms about a witch in their gang. Like maybe they were there the whole time the lass was, but she was I dunno, killing them and stealing their supplies?

The Menaphite pulled into port a few times after that, and the captain only came on shore a couple of those times. He was a changed man. I have heard from some on the docks that they saw the Black Arms boarding the ship. After that the Menaphite's ship docked here no more. Some Black Arm and Phoenix thugs will still show up, but they don't stay. I think they leave on ships, but I don't know which ones.

Some of the ship owners say they spotted the Menaphite's ship still sailing -- some of them, which I know are doing some funny business on the side -- say that it has been captured by a Lady Keli. It may be the lass, it might not be. If it is, I think I seriously misjudged her for a land-lover.

That is all I know.


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