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  • Mah, the child and the spark, represented by the spiral
    • From darkness is born light, the spark of life. The child is full of wonder, imagination, and innocence. Thus came Edda-Mah.
    • From Mah, the light by which to see, the dark in which to hide. The potential for all life, and a place for all things.
  • Bik, the youth and the shaper, represented by the triangle
    • From matter is born shape, ever growing and changing. The youth increases in knowledge and power. Thus came Edda-Bik.
    • From Bik, the clay to shape, to build and destroy. Form and reform. The changing of states, of forms, of function.
  • Wen, the corpse and the unmaker, represented by the diamond
    • From the cold is born fear, shrinking and death. The corpse lies still and lifeless. Thus came Edda-Wen.
    • From Wen, the cold to harden and freeze, to brittle and fracture the clay. The ending of things, to break apart. To reflect on the past.
  • Ful, the maiden and the initiator, represented by the pentagon
    • From the heat is born passion, growth and life. The maiden feels love and joy. Thus came Edda-Ful.
    • From Ful, the heat to soften and burn, to work and fire the clay. The beginning of things, to start anew. To experience the now.
  • Jas, the matron and the guide, represented by the hexagon
    • From life is born experience, wisdom and intelligence. The matron is nurturing and caring. Thus came Edda-Jas.
    • From Jas, the thought to lead them all. The preparation, the plan, the execution. To look to the future.
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