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The front door opens, allowing in a young girl with strawberry blonde hair. Dressed in simple clothes that could do with a wash and carrying two books, Sarah momentarily stops at the threshold pleased that she has finally found a door back to this place and continues to the bar.

One of the books she leaves at the Bar semi-anonymously for Rae Seddon, specifically the younger version that has been visiting. It is an extremely large tome of recipes from the Culinary Arts Institute? Several recipes are highlighted with notecards, mostly those that use pineapple, but a recipe for sunshine cake is marked with several notecards. Three are additional recipes: Recipes for two types of chantilly cake written in a spidery script and a recipe for Chocolate Bombs written in a much more youthful script. There are also two other notecards without recipes; the one in spidery script is from the person that bookmarked all the pineapple recipes and hopes that the book is enough to cheer up someone named Sunshine and the one in the more youthful hand explains that someone gave Sarah the task of making sure Rae got the book.

Sarah being Sarah, though, some of the notecards were replaced on the wrong pages when she rifled through the book.

The book is well taken care of and smells of vanilla and dust.

The other book is a book of spells, and before she heads outside to read it she asks Bar for firewood.

You can find her outside, sitting in the middle of a large circle where the snow has melted and evaporated away, inside of which is a smaller circle of carefully arranged wood piles. Four burn currently, somehow making the inside of the circle as bright and warm as the middle of a summer day despite the cold and the time of day (or night). It's not quite a substitute for summer, or for the weather near the Caribbean inlet, but Sarah is content with her work.


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