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Late in the day the Insolation sailed its way into the Caribbean inlet to collect its regular harvest of cacao beans from the little caches around the surrounding forest where they have been fermenting or drying.

While carefully monitoring the air currents so that the smell of roasting cocoa doesn't spread too far, the captain noticed a chill coming from the mountains and the tavern. Smiling to herself, she assumed that she successfully avoided Hallowe'en this year. It might even be time to set up another flammable sculpture.

Later in the dead of night, she paddles a canoe loaded down with tinder dry wood and palm leaves into the lake toward the shore closest to the tavern. She watches the shore and the tavern carefully, lest anyone catches her building the highly flammable Christmas protest goat.

But instead of a Yule Goat this year, Milliways will have to settle for the impromptu pyre ship burning out on the lake. That is, if anyone was even awake to notice it before it burned enough to sink below the surface.

There is no way in hell AmascutCaptain Black is coming ashore when that THING is stalking about.

The Insolation is gone before dawn due to the captain insisting that several bad omens had suddenly appeared. The crew was skeptical, but then again she was formerly the ship's sea witch. But then again, she was never much of a sea witch, just a sea-loving sand witch.

Then again, arguing with any sort of witch is bad luck.
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