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Name:███████ , devourer of souls
****I do not own a crystal ball and I am not an employee of Jagex LLC. None of this should be construed as canon. Come on guys, seriously****
In some senses it is true that the redhead is a woman. Actually, in all senses. Red irises and that odd combination of tanned skin and red hair are very convincingly normal for a human. Even that odd sensation of unnatural power, for those that can sense such things, is perfectly, naturally, human.

From the prelude to the translated Menaphite legend: Tumeken's Dream
There was a daughter also, Amascut, red-haired and handsome,
Though her balance was of a different kind.
While her sibling cared for the souls of the dead,
She would treat their bodies with the same respects,
Completing the circle of life, death and rebirth.

But her mind did warp as she saw her sibling’s tribe,
Bringing death and destruction on the same whim as was her calling.
Vowing petty vengeance, she brought obliteration, both physical and spiritual,
And the children of the desert grew to fear her, for she had become
Monstrous. Twisted and fallen. Liar. Deceiver. Devourer.
From the collection of Menaphite art of the town of Elidinis,
introduction by Dr. J. A. Throker
Amascut, the Menaphite goddess associated with death, burial and embalming first appears in documents -scrolls and wall-paintings- dating back to the early 2nd age. She is the daughter of the Sun-god Tumeken and the River-goddess Elidinis as well as the sister of Icthlarin, the Guardian of souls.
The world order as dictated by these four deities is presented in a logical pattern: the union of two life-giving powers; light and water, produce the two deathly ones -and thus balance is achieved.

But while Icthlarin, Elidinis and Tumeken are still actively worshipped today in Southern Kharid, the cult of Amascut died out, for reasons unbeknownst, as early in the late second age. Recent archaeological research has uncovered evidence, such as statues with their heads replaced or painted-over wall decorations, of her temples being desecrated and rededicated to other deities. Other ruins of her shrines seem to have been simply razed to the ground.
♁☽♜♝ ♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒ ♝♜☾♁
Amascut is a goddess of destruction and is often referred to as The Devourer. She sometimes goes disguised as The Wanderer to lure adventurous souls toward eternal, permanent death. She is a goddess belonging to the Menaphite Pantheon. As some of her many names suggest, she is inclined towards the destruction of everything in existence. Although she is not the sworn enemy of man, in the recent centuries she has taken to the destruction of the souls of humans. She was once worshiped by human followers before her fall. This worship continued after her fall by a greatly diminished following up until she began to attack her own temples and clergy. Soon after she decided that not even her followers should be spared from her destruction, the remnants of her followers banded together, confronted the Devourer, and cursed her so that she would never be remembered. Her acts would be remembered, but not that she did them. The last act attributed to her in the books of history is the conversion of her former followers into a nearly immortal race of cats. She no longer tries to recruit disciples, as it is pointless. Curiously, the Menaphite Thugs are known to follow her.
Amascut is an NPC from the game Runescape which is a property of Jagex, LLC. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
Dr. J.A. Throker's Notes on Menaphite Art comes from~lefeyz@deviantArt
profile by cirqueled · PB is Ysmin Abd El Aziz

Perhaps inspired by the demon/godddess Ammit and the goddess Sehkmet of Egyptian mythology, or even the hungry, destructive side of the goddess Kali of Hindu mythology, Amascut represents a form of destruction from which there is no hope of recovery, a form of ruin that cannot be learned from. She is the bottomless pit the bad guy falls into at the end of the story and the attractive chasm which nearly ends the hero's story prematurely. Of course she would come to the bar at the end of the universe; the end of existence is proof of her victory. It is the end of reality's rebellion against the absolute. It calls.

A note on appearance and powers
contact post.
A bigger note

Hates cats. Or is paranoid about them. IDEK

Mun is [personal profile] not_my_sandbox

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