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beforebefore-World created by elder gods or elder dragons
?before??-Dragonkin (Necrosyrtes or Elder Dragons?) Already present? Exist across many universes, leaving behind Dragonmetal armor. Enslaved by Elder God Jas to protect Stone of Jas.
0First Age-God Guthix shapes the Gielinor and runes using Stone of Jas/Fist of Guthix
0First Age-(Possibly Elder) God Tumeken already present, possibly?
?First Age-TzHaar race already present
?First Age-World Gate (or the Gate of Life, not clear on whether they are the same thing) is created, opened by Guthix
?First Age-Goddess Seren and the elves come to Gielinor through the World Gate, apparently west of Arandar Mountains. Seren bound to the Anima Mundi.
?First Age-Tower of Voices grown by Seren using Elvish crystal tech and godly powers. Fortress city of Prifddinas grown around the Tower by the elves using the same tech. Lands west of Arandar mountains occupied by elves.
?First Age-Various 'short people' already present, arrived, or created.
?First Age-Bandos, God of War, discovers and enslaves Yu'biusk, planet of the goblins. Begins breeding programs, one of which crossbreeds goblins with orks (not native to Yu'biusk) to create hobgoblins.
?First Age-Various (MYRIAD) civilizations in southern present-day Misthalin and Asgarnia. Snowflake creatures build crystal city, light refracted and reflected by city gains sentience. Light creatures created.
?First Age-City floating in the middle of one of Gielinor's oceans built, possibly by one of the myriad civilizations.
?First Age-Dragonkin unable to breed, fear death. Possibly bind themselves to the Anima Mundi. Create Wyverns and Wyrms, predecessors to brutal dragons and dragons.
?First Age-Iron Age (at the earliest) humans come through the Portal of Life, apparently somewhere east of White Wolf Mountain. Supposedly brought from Earth to Gielinor by Guthix. Unknown if flora and fauna of Gielinor is Earth native or Earth inspired.
?First Age-Tumeken brings "his" people (humans) to Kharidian subcontinent.
?First Age-Tumeken the sun god meets Elidinis, spirit of the Elid River.
?First Age-Death Gods Icthlarin and Amascut born.
?First Age-Past A in Meeting History Quest
?First Age-First Contact between Elves and Humans.
?First Age-Past B in Meeting History quest. Sarah the first human herblorist and Jack the first human wizard.
?First Age-Various other gods come to Gielinor, possibly bringing fauna, flora, and sentient life from their realms.??
?First Age-World Gate/Portal of Life shut down.
?First Age-Zanaris realm receives much of the unused magic of the Portal of Life. Becomes a borderworld/Xen/Milliways class realm. Later occupied by mindslayers, otherworldly beings, and fairies, who use the portal's energies to create the fairy ring teleportation network spanning multiple universes/realms.
4000 (Approx.)First Age-And on the four-thousandth year, Guthix rested. First Age (Age of creation) ends.
ThoughoutSecond Age-Gods begin to expand their territories into vacuum left by Guthix.

  • Saradomin - Law and order aligned god, god of lightning. Entered Gielinor on the holy island of Entrana. Saradomin worship expands to southern present day Asgarnia and Misthalin, some southern sea and eastern sea islands, and the entirety of present day Morytania. Icyene race (angels) settle in present-day Morytania, white unicorns common throughout Saradomin worshiping areas. Unknown if myriad civilizations ever converted to Saradomin worship.

  • Flamtaer - God of fire - Central Morytania, present-day swamp lands.

  • Armadyl - Justice and peace aligned god, sky god. Armadyl worship common throughout present day Kandarin. Aviantese and Aviansie (birdmen) races loyal to Armadyl. Gnomes and dwarves in Kandarin remained fiercely loyal to Guthix.

  • Ikov - Follower of Armadyl or allied god - central Kandarin.

  • Seren worship and the elves start expanding across northern Kandarin, mixing with Armadyl worshipers. Possible outpost as far east as present day Edgeville.

  • Fremminik (think Northmen) stop worshiping Guthix sometime in the first or second age, start worshiping uniquely Fremminik gods. Fremminiks expand over northern islands and into northern Kandarin, mixing with Seren and Armadyl worshipers.

  • Karamjan islanders stop worshiping Guthix, follow uniquely Karamjan gods and spirits. Islanders start practicing broodoo.

  • Apes and monkeys of Monkey Atoll and southern Karamja abandon Guthix worship in favor of Marimbo worship. Marimbo was possibly Guthix's pet gorilla.

  • The Kharidian Pantheon - Tumeken, Elidinis, Icthlarin, and Amascut - rule over Kharidian subcontinent

  • Zaros - a god whose alignment has been lost to history due to the combined efforts of Saradomists and Zamorakians - Took the then agriculturally rich present-day Wilderness, and expanded into much of present-day Asgarnia and Misthalin, the northern part of the Kharidian subcontinent, and northern Morytania, coming into conflict with Saradomists on two fronts and the Menaphite Pantheon on one, and possibly the myriad civilizations as well. Unknown whether the myriad civilizations converted to Zaros worship.

  • Dragonkin - Seem to hold power over Daemonheim. Possible conflict with Zaros, possible alignment with Seren.

  • Trolls - Do not seem to have organized religion. Hold Trollheim, Trollwiess, and Death Plateau, collectively forming an elevated mountainous region known as Troll Country. Troll Country and White Wolf Mountain form a long mountain range which prevents westward expansion of the Zarosian Empire. Passes through Troll country guarded by trolls, passes through White Wolf Mountain defended by the combined forces of Seren and Armadyl. Trolls also in conflict with dwarves, possibly Fremminik tribes.

  • Status of the continent east of the eastern sea unknown (Eastern Lands)

  • Bandos and his enslaved and bred mercenary races start coming to Gielinor. Includes goblins, hobgoblins, orks, ogres, mogres, jogres, ourgs, fayrgs, and ruargs. Bandos establishes a tentative relation with the trolls and begins breeding experiments on them.

0Second Age-Various other gods come to Gielinor, possibly bringing fauna, flora, and sentient life from their realms.??
0Second Age-World Gate shut down. Supply of elven crystal seed, foundation of elven crystal tech, cut off.
?Second Age-Saradomism starts spreading. Icyene settle Morytania, displacing and constricting area of Flamtaer worship. The Icyene name the region the Hallowlands and Hallowvale.
?Second Age-Tumeken, Elidinis, Icthlarin, and Amascut establish rule over Kharidian subcontinent and beyond Shantay Pass, between the Lum and Salve River, as far north as where the river Lum bends westward. Bedabin, Mehkmet, and Menaphite peoples worship the pantheon; Menaphites become dominant. Menaphite cities of Uzer and Ullek established.
?Second Age-Trade between the Hallowlands, the Kharid, and the Eastern Lands increases, trade routes through the Eastern Sea become important.
?Second Age-Elves expand east beyond the Arandar Mountains. Contact between elves and gnomes. Gnomes acquire some crystal tech.
?Second Age-Zarosian Empire established and begins to expand. Vampires under Zaros expand into northern Morytania, coming into conflict with the Icyene of the Hallowlands. Kharyll established in Zaros controlled Morytania. Other Zarosian forces expand south and west. Senntisten, Paddewa, and Lassar built to protect empire from Saradomist and Kharidian forces to the south and Kandarin forces to the west. Ghorrock, Annakarl, Carralangar, and Dareeyak established in interior of empire.
?Second Age-Reign of Pharoah Queen Senliten over Kharidian Empire begins.
?Second Age-Village of Sophanem established on the southern Elid River on eastern bank.
?Second Age-Kharidian-Zarosian Wars begin. Zaros pushes as far south as Uzer and mid-Kharid mountain range. Amascut establishes the Slayer orders to push back. Slayers study and train how to kill every living thing on Gielinor. Ammut-like beast created by Amascut.
?Second Age-Icthlarin brings in the Mahjarrat from the hell/war realm Freneskae. Powerful shapeshifting mages, they are able to push Zaros back past the Shantay pass. Mehkmet tribes north of Shantay pass still under Zarosian contol.
?Second Age-Peace for the Kharid - Mahjarrat protect Kharid and maintain peace. Dissent supressed via espionage and novel forms of torture.
?Second Age-Death of Senliten, construction of Uzer Mastaba as her tomb.
?Second Age-Warping of Amascut - constant war and the wanton killing and torture perpetrated by the mahjarrat begin to have an effect on Amascut. Both Amascut and Icthlarin start ignoring their duties concerning the well-being of the Kharidian populace.
?Second Age-Public ministry of Carum - travels over Eastern Sea, Zarosian Empire, and Kharidian Empire.
?Second Age-Immortal Amascut romances mortal Carum, falls into deeper madness watching him age.
?Second Age-Tumeken, disappointed in his children, creates Het, god of health and vigor, Chrondis, god of resourcefulness, temperance, and modesty, Apmeken, god of sociability and mental pleasures, and Scarabas, god of solitude, meditation, and enlightenment, and who shamed Tumeken for turning away from Icthlarin and Amascut.
?Second Age-Amascut turns Carum into one of the long lived mahjarrat. Carum rejects eternal life.
?Second Age-Climate of the planet starts shifting. Asgarnia becomes warmer, the Kharid becomes drier, and Morytania/Hallowlands become wetter. Wyverns and wyrms start dying, dragons replace them.
?Second Age-Carum sacrificed in mahjarrat rejuvination ritual. Amascut decimates mahjarrat race. Mahjarrat leave Icthlarin and join Zaros. Ammut Beast banished to spiritual plane. Icthlarin reconciled with Tumeken.
0Second Age-Because of contant pressure from Zarosian Empire, Seren, Armadyl, Saradomin, the myriad cizivizations, and the newly enlarged Kharidian pantheon join forces and stop the expansion of the Zarosion empire despite Zaros' acquisition of the mahjarrat.
?Second Age-Bandos forsees a great war, starts organising his forces in troll country.
?Second Age-Amascut strikes out at Zaros on her own, using her slayers, priestesses, and her own powers over death to kill and ressurect an army slaved to her will but still possesed of their souls. The first act of necromancy. Any one killed in her army or killed by her army is immediatly ressurected. Process slowly destroys the souls of her conscripts. Zarosian forces pushed back to the walls of the massive city-fortress of Senntisten. The recently dead from all over the continent start migrating to join Amascut's forces, causing great concern among the alliance and causing chaos on their warpath through the Zarosian Empire to Senntisten. Zarosian forces, including demons, vampires, recently enslaved werewolves, and mahjarrat barely hold the line.
?Second Age-Present-day Slayer Tower built in Northern Morytania and present-day Duel Arena built in Mehkmet tribal area, both for unknown reasons.
?Second Age-Zaros creates Nex to battle Amascut and lead his forces against her. Nex is an amalgam of Icyene, demon, Aviantese, and vampire, making her a cunning, agile, vicious war machine. Nex and her forces begin pushing Amascut back.
?Second Age-Amascut returns to the Kharid, begins killing and destroying at random to bolster her own forces. She razes many of her own temples. Priestesses begin to doubt Amascut.
?Second Age-Zaros and preistessess convince alliance that Amascut is a danger to everyone. Armadyl judges Amascut must be punished for destruction of souls.
?Second Age-Betrayal of Amascut - Amascut is lured to a marrentill field and a combined force of her former priestesses, mahjarrat, and aviantese robs her of her power using the Staff of Armadyl. Amascut takes control of the staff and corrupts it, turning her betrayers into cats in the process. She declares war on existance and faints.
?Second Age-Armadyl refuses to touch the corrupted Staff of Armadyl. It is buried deep inside the Temple of Ikov.
?Second Age-Zaros is now free to set Nex and the mahjarrat on the Alliance but is spread too thinly. Bandos threatens to invade Zarosian heartland but holds off on the prospect of a bigger war. Trolls threaten Ghorrock and the Mahjarrat Rejuvination Ritual site.
?Second Age-First stories about Evil Chicken
?Second Age-Strife over dwindling rune supply.
several decadesSecond Age-Unease grows in the Zarosian Empire as the mahjarrat grow restless.
2000Second Age-

  • Saradomist explorer Valdez finds the Staff of Armadyl while exploring Kandarin, wishes to put it in the possesion of Saradomin and starts hurrying toward Entrana.

  • Rennard, a theif, assailed Valdez and stole the staff. He travelled to a bar in hopes of finding someone connected with Zaros, since Zaros would pay a high price for the staff which could break the stalemate.

  • Kharrim, a messenger for the mahjarrat general Zamorak, informs Zamorak of the staff and later buys and delivers it.

  • Lennissa, a Saradomist spy within Zamorak's ranks informed Dhalak, her superior, of Zamorak's possesion of the Staff of Armadyl. Acting on intelligence that Zamorak was preparing to lead a rebellion against Zaros, Dhalak cast a spell on the staff to keep it hidden from the gods. He judged that the ensuing chaos could provide an opening for Saradomin's northward expansion.
2000Second Age-Betrayal of Zaros - Zamorak and forces loyal to him (several mahjarrat, Vampyre Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, Elder-Demon Thammaron, and the human warrior Viggora) confront Zaros and mahjarrat loyal to him. Battle ensues, Zaros trips and impales himself on the staff. By some accident, Zamorak is skewered by the staff while Zaros is still impaled. (Invisible guiding hand of Amascut, anyone?) Zaros' godhood is mostly transferred to Zamorak. Described as Zaros fading away and Zamorak gaining superreality. Zaros condemns all involved with eternal restlessness as invisible ghosts after death. Zamorak becomes god of chaos.
2000Second Age-Remaining gods descend upon Zamorak and banish him for "killing" Zaros. With Amascut depowered, Zaros gone, and Zamorak banished, the rest of the gods grow suspicious of each other. Armadyl begrudgingly takes his staff back, entrusts the Guardians of Armadyl to keep the staff safe in the Temple of Ikov.

<td>0</td><td>Second Age</td><td>-</td><td>Event</td>

Date: 2011-03-28 06:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pennied-to.livejournal.com
If you ever decide to continue this or add to it, here is an interesting post on tip.it about Runescape history with a focus on the activity of the Necrosyrte (http://forum.tip.it/topic/208619-dragonkin-after-the-rise-of-lucien/). This was before the dungeoneering update though, and wasn't there some speculation that Daemonheim was a Necrosyrte ruin before Bilrach started digging and releasing other dimensional creatures?

Date: 2011-03-28 07:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pennied-to.livejournal.com
Huh... how much of the original Necrosyrte architecture do you think remains? I don't remember seeing any symbology pointing toward them down there. Some Seren symbols, though.


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