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Now that the Stolen Hearts/Diamond in the Rough quest has stewed in the brains of the people who pay attention to Runescape's desert lore, there are some things about Amascut that keep coming up in discussions about her.

--Her psychic abilities. OR Oh boy, Amascut just keeps on coming up with excuses for me to run wild and godmod with her.

In the quest, she shows a tremendous ability and willingness to just compel others to do what she wants. This runs to full-on mind control to get some thugs who were demanding extra pay from her to fight the protagonists to death for free to getting the player character to toss her a diamond despite the objections of the player and the other two protagonists. This time, not even the slightest suggestion that Amascut hypnotized anyone was given, unlike what happened in the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest. Furthermore, it is suggested that Amascut mindwipes the player after the events of Smoking Kills, making the player forget Amascut and Sumona are the same person. Either that or the player character is stupid or just doesn't give a damn.

-- The true nature of the curse on Amascut. OR I've been playing her wrong.

So the mind control thing brings up a dialog with Amascut's former head priestess, now the immortal cat Niete. Before, the talk was that Amascut's priestesses cursed Amascut with the inability to take physical form.

Uh, no. Just no. Because she walks around in physical form all the time.

Back then I couldn't verify this because I didn't have the prerequisites to even speak with Niete. I still don't.

Now, the consensus is that Amascut's priestesses cursed Amascut with the inability to posses people.


I suppose possession and mind control may be meant to be different things, but the end result is pretty much the same. Making this odder still is that Amascut's objective, at least one of them, in the Hearts/Diamonds quest, is to steal a diamond which also routinely possesses people.

--Amascut's plots and plans. OR maybe I am playing her right anyway.
Amascut loves convoluted plans. Her actions don't make sense otherwise. She is willing and able to eliminate and control anyone she wants, yet... Either she is playing a long term game of 11-dimensional chess or she is the luckiest psychotic ever. Either way, even though she engages in overt shows of power, she doesn't use her power to solve every problem. In a way, she encourages destruction, but doesn't seem too willing to cause destruction on her own. It is a group participation thing!

--Loophole abuse
So, big deal, the Edicts of Guthix prevents deities from directly interacting with the world. Exception... Amascut, Icthlarin, and other minor desert deities. This was confirmed by one of the lore writers. There is some speculation that the end result of the desert quests might be the elevation of Amascut from minor goddess to potential combatant in a second God War.

And the second God War may well be coming. Lore writers have also confirmed that the major gods will be returning, along with the ever looming threat of Zaros. Some extra ones may show up as well. It sounds to me like a whole new game and gameworld, but who knows.


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